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Didsbury S&S
Didsbury, AB
May 9th
Firebird Club Charity S&S
Calgary, AB
May 31st
Al Azhar Charity "Show & Shrine"
Calgary, AB
June 20th
Club Cruise
Bow Valley, AB
June 28th
"Kick Off To Summer"
Granum, AB
July 1st
Strathmore S&S
Strathmore, AB
July 18th
Rock & Roll Classic
Black Diamond, AB
July 26th
"Doing It On the Grass"
Airdrie, AB
August 8th
"Mopars At The Mall"
Red Deer, AB
August 22nd
Cremona S&S
Cremona, AB
September 5th
Cars 4 Fun Charity S&S
Calgary, AB
September 20th
Season Windup
The Saskatoon Farm
October 4th
Club Christmas Party
December 11th


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